How is this course structured?

The first two sections of this course can be completed quickly and will teach you some foundational test-taking principles to keep in mind as you practice science passage reading. The next section is the meat of this course, containing the 10 strategy modules. Each module includes a written description of the comprehension strategy that teaches you the what, why, and how. After this description, there is a Virtual Video Lecture in which I walk you through an actual MCAT passage and illustrate how the strategy can be applied in a test-taking situation. Afterwards, you will find 10-12 homework assignments. Based on how many points you need to improve your MCAT score by, I will tell you how much time you should be investing in these assignments. The fourth and final section of this course includes a few bonus resources and teaches you how to continue practicing science passage reading now that you’ve completed this course.

I've already done the questions from the AAMC Section Bank. Will this course still work for me?<< >>I get anxious when I study or practice. Will this course help me with that?