My 5,000+ Quizlet Flashcard Collection is completely comprehensive for all the content from Khan Academy, Kaplan, and Princeton. For this reason, if you learn the concepts tested in these flashcards inside and out, you should have a very solid grasp on all the MCAT content. To truly know them inside and out, however, you may need to read the videos and watch the books, especially for the topics that are very challenging for you. The more you engage with the material in a variety of formats, the deeper your understanding of it will become.

The basic idea is to do more for the topics that are challenging for you and less for the topics that are easy for you. But, because knowing how much YOU should be doing for each lesson can be challenging to discern, I’d suggest working your way through my Create-your-own Study Plan Course in order to generate a personalized study plan. In this course, I will help you determine exactly how much or how little to do for each lesson based on your ongoing performance on AAMC practice problems.

For instance, let’s say you are performing within 2 points of your goal score for the Behavioral Science Section, I might simply suggest that you just watch the Khan Academy videos from each playlist and then study my pre-made Quizlet flashcards. On the other hand, if you are 7 points away from your goal score, I would instead recommend that you watch all the videos from the video playlist while making your own flashcards, read the Kaplan book reading assignments while making your own flashcards, and study my pre-made flashcards. Through this approach, you will be focusing more of your time and energy into the sections that need it most.

For access to both my Create-your-own Study Plan Course and my collection of 5,000+ Quizlet Flashcards (a huge time saver), I’d highly recommend upgrading to the Advanced Pro Plan. It is my very most popular plan.