When it comes to being ready to take the MCAT, more important than the number of months you spend studying is the total number of hours that you study, and the number of hours required to achieve MCAT success varies greatly. Some students who are already close to their goal may only need to study a couple hundred hours while those who still have a long way to go may need to study over one thousand hours. To determine how many hours YOU should study, several factors need to be considered such as your GPA, academic history, score on an MCAT diagnostic, history with English, and several more.

We will consider each of these factors in my Create-your-own Study Plan Course, which will help you develop an individualized study plan that will lead you to achieving your goal MCAT score. It will provide you with an exact estimate regarding the number of hours YOU should study in order to succeed, allowing you to determine when you will be ready to take the MCAT. It walks you through the exact same steps that I use to help my private tutoring students create their study plans. I’d strongly recommend starting this course before you dive into your MCAT studying.

MCAT Launchpad Required!

Before jumping into our free eCourse, you’ll need to complete orientation by watching MCAT Launchpad. During this free 35-minute intro session with Head Tutor Andrew, you’ll learn 6 Keys to Earning a Top MCAT Score, the 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Study Plan, 12 Tips for Taking the Best MCAT Study Notes, and more! Andrew will also provide you with a detailed overview of the Free MCAT Prep Course, teaching you how to get started.

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