I highly recommend completing one Content Module at a time from start to finish. There are three major reasons for this: 

  1. Your brain will learn best with structure. The MCAT covers a vast amount of material, and as you learn your brain is trying to organize all the information into semantic networks (networks of connected information). The network that is created within your brain is often related to the order in which you learn the information. For instance, if you jump from topic to topic, your brain’s semantic networks will be disorganized similar to an office with papers scattered all around the room. On the other hand, if you learn one topic in a clear order, your brain will be able to create a neatly organized semantic network similar to a filing cabinet. Think of each concept like a piece of paper, each lesson like a folder, and each drawer like a Content Module.
  2. You’ll be better able to stay on top of your reviewing of previous material. Our eCourse has a carefully structured system of review. In each lesson, you will review the current lesson’s flashcards as well as review the previous lesson’s flashcards. For instance, you’d review the flashcards from lesson 1 at the end of lesson 1 and at the end of lesson 2. Then, after completing lesson 1 through 12 of the Content Module, in lesson 13, you will review all the flashcards from lessons 1 through 12 again. And once you’ve completed all ten content modules, you’ll start MCAT Bootcamp. During MCAT Bootcamp, in addition to taking Full-length exams, you will also review every single flashcard from the 10 Content Modules again. By completing the Content Modules in order from lesson 1 all the way to lesson 15, you’ll be better able to follow this system of review.
  3. You should regularly take AAMC Mini Exams. After you finish that first content module, you’ll take your first AAMC Mini Exam, which acts as a diagnostic exam. The Create-your-own Study Plan Course will then help you use your results on that AAMC Mini Exam to determine which Content Module to study next and which materials to utilize while studying that module. You will then map out the next few weeks of studying using the Study Plan Spreadsheet. And the cycle continues with you completing a Content Module, checking your progress using the AAMC Mini Exam, adjusting your plan for the next Content Module, and on and on until you’ve completed all ten Content Modules. Taking AAMC Mini Exams regularly at the end of each Content Module allows you to have a study plan that is adaptable and adjusts over time to your changing needs. It is also important to practice on AAMC practice problems regularly throughout your Content Review Phase in order to develop test-taking skills and an AAMC mindset.

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