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Lesson Objective: The purpose of this lesson is to expand your content knowledge, strengthen your problem solving skills, and review the material you have already covered. To complete the lesson, simply execute the following assignments while making notecards for any new concepts that you learn.

Content Review:

    • Videos:

  • Review Books: 
    • Kaplan: Read sections 1.1 through 1.6 from the Biochemistry Review Book, and sections 10.1 through 10.3 from the Organic Chemistry Review Book.
    • Princeton Review: Read sections 3.1 and 3.2 from the Biology and Biochemistry Review Book and sections 7.1 through 7.2 from the Organic Chemistry Review Book. (why don’t the reading assignments and the videos match up perfectly?)

CARS Practice: Practice CARS by strategically reading non-AAMC CARS passages (skipping the poorly-written questions). [hide for=”cars”]For access to 1,000+ free CARS passages, 100+ CARS homework assignments, and my 10 key CARS strategies, be sure to enroll in my Ultimate CARS Strategy Course.[/hide]

→ why we only recommend AAMC CARS practice questions 

Science Passage Practice: Practice your science passage reading skills by strategically reading non-AAMC science passages that relate to the content contained in this lesson/some of the previous lessons[hide for=”sciencepassage”] (please note that the links to the passages will display below after you enroll in the Science Passage Reading Strategy Course)[/hide]:

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→ how we matched up the passages with the lessons


Notecard Review: Review the practice question set presented below as well as the set from the previous lesson. Also be sure to review any notecards that you made yourself for this lesson and the previous lesson.

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End-of-Lesson Mastery Quiz: We are working towards creating quizzes containing 15-30 AAMC-style questions in each of the 120 lessons of the eCourse (1,800 to 3,600 questions total) for members of the Advanced or Deluxe Pro Plans.[hide for=”teaserfreenotecards”] As a Free Forever/Basic Pro Member, you have access to 3 sample questions per lesson.[/hide] To check your mastery of the content found in this lesson, complete the following End-of-lesson Mastery Quiz:

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Lesson 1: Atomic Mass and Exponential Decay

Chemistry I

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A stable atom (Z = 50) has an atomic mass of 119 amu. When this atom is placed between the two plates of a capacitor, which of the following will be observed?

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Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years and forms Nitrogen-14 when it decays. Which type of decay causes this?

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A researcher adds 5 g of NaCl to a beaker containing 120 g of water. How many water molecules are present?

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