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    • Expert Guidance

      Our Elite Tutors work one-on-one with students, teaching them key strategies and content all while keeping them on track towards their goal score.

    • CARS Techniques and Strategies

      The CARS section is easily one of the hardest sections on the MCAT. Our Ultimate CARS Strategy Course teaches strategies proven to help you succeed.

    • Medical School Admissions

      Two-thirds of medical school applicants are rejected each year. Our Medical School Application Course will keep you on track to that acceptance letter.

    • Study Plan Generation

      Do you have a unique situation? Need a custom study plan? Our Create-your-own Study Plan Course and Elite Tutors can help.

    • Science Passage Reading Strategy

      Science passages are confusing. The research-based strategies taught in our Science Passage Reading Strategy Course will help.

    • Premium Prep Course

      Looking for an all-in-one, high-level prep course. Our Deluxe Pro Plan includes access to all our premium resources in one affordable bundle.

Elite Tutoring

Several of our Elite Tutors scored in the 100th percentile and and all of them scored above the 97th percentile. They know what it takes to succeed on the MCAT, and they can help you achieve your goal. Working one-on-one with you, they can help you develop, adjust, and follow a personalized study plan. They can also walk you through practice passages and problems while teaching you key content and strategies, using their expert guidance to help you avoid making the same mistakes over again. Our tutors can also help you prepare your medical school application by giving you key advice and editing your essays. You can buy tutoring on its own or in a low-cost bundle with one of the courses/plans outlined below.

"Andrew helped me set up a basic study plan, and I stuck to it in the following months. It took discipline, but when I finally got my scores back I was excited to see I had scored in the 100th percentile. In short, I’m a big supporter of MCAT Self Prep!"
- David
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  • Create-your-own Study Plan Course

    Studying in your own individualized way doesn't mean studying without structure. Our Create-your-own Study Plan Course allows you to have both individualization and organization at the same time. Whether you are a regular student who wants a more customized study approach that targets your weaknesses or you are a struggling student with a complicated situation who needs a fresh start, this course is for you. Not only does it carefully teach you what to study and why, but it also provides you with the tools you need to stay on track to reaching your goal. It comes with full access to our Study Portal, Score Tracker, and Study Plan Spreadsheet.

    "I definitely recommend going through this course to get a better understanding of how to tackle everything you'll need to cover before test day!" - Mike
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  • Ultimate CARS Strategy Course

    Some students are able to sit down and score a perfect 132 on their very first attempt at the CARS section. How are they able to do it without having received any prior instruction? It is because they are Good Readers, quickly understanding what they read. The good news it that you can learn to become a Good Reader, and research shows that the very best way is through learning reading strategies. This course teaches 10 key strategies over the course of 10 Strategy Modules. Each Strategy Module includes a written description, a 45-minute Virtual Video Session with our Head Tutor, Andrew, and countless homework assignments. Private sessions with Andrew currently cost hundreds of dollars, but as part of this course it is like getting ten for the price of one. He's helped many of his students improve their CARS scores by over 40 percentile points. You can too.

    "I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to increase their efficiency and scores while reading CARS passages. You will not regret it!" - River
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  • Science Passage Reading Strategy Course

    MCAT science passages are a nightmare with their run-on sentences, lack of clarity, and countless confusing definitions. Being able to understand the passages is one thing, but add in the time pressure, and tackling these passages feels next to impossible. Our Science Passage Reading Strategy Course helps you overcome this challenge through teaching you key reading strategies. Each of the 10 strategies comes with a written description, a 60-minute Virtual Video Session with our Head Tutor, Andrew, and countless homework assignments. By the time you finish this course, each strategy will feel second-nature to you, making these previously challenging passages much easier to process.

    "Andrew describes his strategies on exam day, and he walks you through many passages, showing you his step-by-step process. Science passages are the most difficult for me, but after learning his strategies, much simpler." - Jenny
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  • Medical School Application Course

    Out of 53,042 students who applied to medical school in 2017, 31,011 students did not gain acceptance to a single medical school. That means the typical applicant has a 58 percent chance of being completely rejected. Because even the simplest application error can result in an entire year of wasted time and money, we created this course to help you stay on track. It will help you stay 100-percent organized so that nothing falls through the cracks as you prepare a stellar application. While other prep companies charge over $2000 for their application helper programs, this course comes with double the value for a quarter the price. The tools that we've developed come from Andrew's personal experience gaining acceptance to multiple top-25 medical schools, and everything taught in this course is based on countless up-to-date statements from admissions committee members at elite medical schools. Instead of relying on misinformation, stay on the right track to medical school acceptance by following the dependable advice contained in our Medical School Application Course.

    "Andrew and the MCAT Self Prep team have successfully put together a comprehensive and straightforward guide to getting into medical school." - Dr. Grant
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